Betron Earphones

Betron EarphonesBetron as a brand are relatively young. They mostly produce accessories for smartphones including earphones, headphones, wi-fi speakers and external battery powered charging packs.

Their range as a whole is aimed squarely at the cheaper end of the market, but manages to maintain a high quality level despite the price. You would often be forgiven for looking at one of their products and think it costs twice the price.

The prices we quote are always the RRP (recommended retail price), it is worth pointing out that Betron earphones are normally on sale for significantly less than the prices we show! This is a brand that is incredibly hard to beat when it comes to value for money.

We have reviewed several of their products now and like what we see – below you can find a comparison table detailing all the Betron earphones that we have previously reviewed.
If you are interested in reading a specific Betron earphones review, just click the read review link to be taken to that page.

Rest assured, we’ll be reviewing more Betron products in the future as their range expands.

Model RRP (£) Noise Isolating Available Colours Rating
Betron DNZ500 Review DNZ500 19.99 3.9
Betron RK300 Review RK300 19.99 3.9
Betron W-68 Wooden Earphones W-68 18.99 3.7
Betron 750s Earphones 750s 16.99 3.6
Betron KS45 KS45 14.99 3.6
Betron GLD60 Earphones GLD60 9.99 3.2

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