Betron DNZ500 Review

Model: DNZ500
Brand: Betron
RRP: £19.99
Review Score: 3.9/5
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Budget brand Betron keep coming up with the goods time and time again. This, their latest offering once again looks to dominate the lower end of the market. Find out what we think in our Betron DNZ500 review.

Most of the previous offerings from Betron have been exceptional value for money – on the other side of the fence, some of them have been pretty nasty as well. Their latest releases look to show a notable increase in quality and eye for detail – but is the DNZ500 a winner?

Presentation Case & Loads Of Extras

Betron have gone to town with the presentation of the DNZ500 – at first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at a £50+ product. The large, flocked, brown case is the first of its kind that we’ve seen. Inside all the accessories are precision cut into the dense foam liner (see photo in the slider below). The presentation is truly amazing for the price and really sets a high expectation for the earphones themselves.

The earpieces are really quite small and made from metal – they feel nicely solid & very light. The quality of machining on the metal is very good and the level of detail is fantastic. The cable exit is re-enforced with a tough silicone tube that will protect the cable from rough handling. The cable itself is a slightly unusual matt silicone with yellow cross hatch – its a little stiffer than most silicone cable, but it feels tough and hard wearing. The cable split and jack plug are fairly simple units that match with the earpieces and cable nicely. Both also have a silicone re-enforced cable exit, again helping them survive rough handling.

TBetron D-NZ500 earphoneshe range of included accessories is also quite impressive:

  • 3x sets grey silicone eartips (small, medium, large)
  • 2x sets white/black silicone eartips (small, large)
  • 1x set white/blue eartips (medium)
  • 1x set foam eartips (more on these below)
  • cable clip
  • storage pouch
  • storage/presentation case

Having tried all the included eartips – we found the grey silicone type to work/sound the best for us. The selection of white eartips was a little confusing as the white/blue medium size have a different internal diameter to the white/black ones & as a result sound different…but are different sizes.
The included foam tips are unfortunately, unusable. Normally, foam tips have an internal plastic tube lining the central hole – this is the part that makes them fit onto the earpieces. These foam tips don’t have that plastic tube – they are just foam. As a result they don’t stay on the earpieces on the desk, let alone in your ear.
We would have to say that its probably a good idea not to even try them as the foam tip will come off in your ear. Play it safe, stick with the grey eartips!

Otherwise, the Betron DNZ500 look and feel good quality and well worth the price tag.

Balanced Sound With Plenty Of Detail

As mentioned above, we found the grey silicone eartips to be the best choice for both comfort and sound. With these, the sound is pretty damn good for the price.

Given the price – they have a good level of detail and the stereo image is pretty accurate. The bass is warm, deep and natural sounding. The mid range has good punch and definition – there are more lower mid frequencies than you would typically find on more expensive earphones, but this isn’t an issue. The result of this mid range balance is that they sound a little boxy – but not in a bad way, it just means that they don’t have the normal hi-fi character. The treble is light and unobtrusive, again its not as airy as you’ll find on more expensive earphones – but that is to be expected.

Overall they sound very good for the price. Our previous favorite Betron earphones were the RK300 – having done a direct comparison, the DNZ500 sound better (more controlled and balanced) and also feel higher quality.

Betron DNZ500 Review Conclusion

Betron have done themselves proud with the D-NZ500, they higher quality across the board than their previous RK300. For the price they make an excellent choice, there is also a version with a mic/button as well for a little more. The Betron DNZ500 make an excellent choice for anyone looking at the sub £20 price bracket and really quite hard to beat – they are a winner!


  • Great presentation
  • Balanced Sound
  • Fantastic Value


  • Foam tips are unusable

Review Summary:

Sound: Balanced sound with a good level of detail

Design: Nice choice of materials creating a nice look

Quality: High quality build

Value: Worth every penny

Sound: 4/5
Design: 3.8/5
Quality: 3.8/5
Value: 4.2/5
Overall: 3.9/5
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DNZ500 Betron 19.99 3.9

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