Best Earphones Under £30

The range of choice under £30 is fairly basic and pretty much limited to standard earphones without any additional features (microphone etc). While the list has quite a lot of entries from reputable, established brands like Sony, Philips or Panasonic – these are typically budget offerings & not top of the range. Alongside these you’ll also notice some more unusual earphones that stand out, like those from Dunu. This shows that you can still find some very nicely designed earphones in this price range.

Best Earphones Under £30 Comparison

Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Microphone Available Colours Rating
Brainwavz S0 S0 Brainwavz 29.95 4.4
Rockjaw Clarito Review Clarito Rock Jaw 23.95 4.3
Rock Jaw Arcana V2 Arcana Rock Jaw 29.99 4.3
Acorn E1 E1 Acorn Audio 29.99 4.2
Ei8htball EX811 EX811 Ei8htball 29.99 4.2
Mediadevil EB-01 EB-01 MediaDevil 30.00 4.2
Boom Earwear BEOne BEOne Boom Earwear 29.95 4.2
SoundMAGIC ES19S in ear headphones ES19S SoundMAGIC 19.99 4
SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones Review E10 SoundMAGIC 29.99 4
Betron DNZ500 Review DNZ500 Betron 19.99 3.9

Best Earphones Under £30 – The Winners

Brainwavz S0

Brainwavz S0 Review

Brainwavz are known for producing simple, tough, affordable earphones - The S0 follow this brief to the letter.

The combination of the tough, black metal earpieces and strong flat silicone cable means that the Brainwavz S0 will survive some of the roughest handling and have a long lifespan.

Included with the S0 are 9 sets of eartips, including a set of Comply S400 foam tips - this range of eartips means you are guaranteed a good fit.

The sound that the S0 produce is big with crisp detail. Big. warm bass, punchy mid range and the treble brings out plenty of detail. While the Brainwavz S0 don't have a microphone, the still make a great choice as a smartphone upgrade. Their real standout point is there toughness - they will take a lot of abuse and last you a long, long time.

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Rock Jaw Arcana

Rock Jaw Arcana V2 Review

Rock Jaw aim to create affordable earphones that are both desirable & sound fantastic. The Arcana V2 is one of their lower priced products and they deliver plenty of value for money.

The earpieces are made from a combination of beautifully finished rosewood and aluminium giving them a very unique and desirable look. The black twisted cable finishes them off a treat and resists tangles very well.

The Arcana produce a quality of sound that stands out in the £30 price bracket (they actually used to cost more) and takes some beating. With great detail, big bass and crsip, balanced mid range - they perform very well with any type of music. These make a great choice as a smartphone upgrade or for anyone looking for a set of earphones that are a little bit different.

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MediaDevil EB-01

Mediadevil EB-01 Review

The EB-01 from smartphone accessory producer, MediaDevil, are in ear headphones with a difference. They focus on being eco-friendly, using recycled materials - both packaging and the earpieces, as a result, they stand out proudly from the sub £30 crowd.

The wood used to make the earpieces has been reclaimed from furniture manufacturers- this means that different types of wood are used & every pair are slightly different. They are also built to last, using a woven cable that is strengthened with kevlar. In use, they feel incredibly lightweight & the cable resists tangles very well.

The use of wood makes the EB-01's sound warm and natural. The bass big and deep, the mid range is very natural and flat, while the treble is a little understated.

The EB-01 are a perfect choice for smartphones, and they look considerably different to your average earphones - we will have a soft spot for these for some time to come.

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Boom Earwear BEOne

Boom Earwear BEOne Review

The funky looking BEOne from Boom Earwear have a party trick - the backs of the earpieces are magnetic and stick together to help prevent them tangling when they're not in use.

The cleanly designed metal earpieces are incredibly solid and tough. The silicone cable resists tangles well and feels light in use.

Because of their funky looks - the BEOne will appeal to a wide range of people - this means that they have to cope with a wide range of styles of music. The bass is smooth, deep and big (some may want to reduce it a little with EQ), the mid range is nice and crisp, and the treble is open and spacious. They manage to cope with any type of music that you throw at them.

These are a perfect upgrade for any smartphone & are a great alternative to any of the more mainstream offerings.

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SoundMAGIC ES19S Review

Award winning manufacturers SoundMAGIC have aimed the ES19S directly at the smartphone upgrade market. With a price that is as attractive as their design, the ES19S deliver very highly on the bang for buck scale.

The clean (white), understated looks will compliment pretty much any smartphone out there and will appeal to a lot of people. The quality of finish is very good and the earphones feel very light to the touch. The tough silicone cable resists tangles very well & should survive a lot of rough handling.

The sound has a level of clarity and frequency balance that is unexpected at this price point - and in doing so, sets them out from the rest of the competition. The deep warm bass, accurate stereo image and tight mid range punch will keep you happy during hours of listening. For the price, the sound is truly exceptional - they make an excellent upgrade choice for any smartphone.

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Betron DNZ500

Betron DNZ500 Review

Betron have become known for knocking out set after set of cheap earphones - the DNZ500 stands out from many of their other products offering great value for money.

The way that the DNZ500 are presented in the box makes them look more like a £50+ product rather than a sub £20 one. Bundled with loads of extra accessories - they almost seem to good to be true.

The small metal earpieces are nicely finished, feeling very solid and light. With tough re-enforcement on the hard wearing cable, these will survive a lot of rough handling.

The level of detail in the sound that they produce is good and the stereo image is pretty accurate as well - these are both areas that Betron often let themselves down in, however, not this time. The natural sounding bass is deep and warm. The mid range is clearly defined, but does sound a little boxy, but not in an overly bad way.

The DNZ500 deliver fantastic value for money - while not quite as refined as some other earphones out their, they perform well and are a worthy option.

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