SoundMAGIC E80 Review

Model: E80
Brand: SoundMAGIC
RRP: £64.99
Review Score: 4.9/5
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Best Earphones Guide Star Buy - 4.9/5

Awesome sound, lightweight and tough - a fantastic set of everyday earphones

Whenever a new set of earphones arrives from SoundMAGIC, we get a little bit excited. The latest arrival is the top of the range E80. Find out if it lives up to our expectations in our SoundMAGIC E80 review.

We have previously reviewed several other earphones in the SoundMAGIC ‘E’ series (E10, E10s, E50S) – the E80 is the new model at the top of the range. SoundMAGIC are known for producing quality earphones at affordable prices, this marks their first adventure into a more premium price bracket…& we’re expecting great things.

Clean Looks, Tough Build & Lightweight Feel

The first standout design point of the E80 is how different the earpieces look to the rest of the ‘E’ range. All of the models below these in the range have a heavy, chunky, solid metal feel to them – these are smaller, lighter and perhaps a bit sexier. The earpieces are still made from metal (presumably aluminium) and also still feel very solid. Their smaller size and rounded edges make them seem more refined and thought about. Another fairly major difference is that the cable exits the earphones from the back rather than the bottom. The re-enforcement around the cable here feels very strong & should take a lot of abuse as well as helping prevent unwanted microphonic noise being heard from the cable.

SoundMAGIC E80 EarphonesThe cable is the regular type that SoundMAGIC uses – a slightly stiffer silicone coated cable with visible twists (see photos below). This cable has been tried & tested and in our experience resists tangles very well. The cable split is a cleanly designed aluminium cylinder with silicone re-enforcement at both ends. There is also the nice addition of a sliding silicone sleeve above the split so you can adjust the point at which the cables join. The jack plug is the same type as used on other upper end SoundMAGIC earphones – gold plated, aluminium jack plug with the cable coming out the side at an angle…so its not quite straight or right angled.

Normally, we test earphones that are black, or otherwise relatively plain in colour – seeing the SoundMAGIC E80 in red (see photos below) makes a very welcome change. This colour looks really nice & makes a cool, non-garish statement. The overall design and choice of materials has been well thought out, making what looks and feels like a high quality product.

Also in the box you get:

  • 3x black wide aperture silicone eartips (small, medium, large)
  • 3x black narrow aperture silicone eartips (small, medium, large)
  • 1x black double flange silicone eartips
  • 3x T400 Comply foam eartips (small, medium, large)
  • cable clip
  • storage case

This range of eartips means you will get a great fit & can pick the sound that you like the best. The inclusion of 3 sizes of premium Comply foam tips is something we’ve not seen before & makes a great addition. You will get the best sound quality and isolation by using the Comply T400 foam tips, closely followed by the wider aperture silicone eartips. The narrower aperture eartips will create a more pronounced and less natural sounding bass, but that said, some may still prefer them.

Some premium priced earphones feel like they should only be used on special occasions, this isn’t the case with the E80. They are tough enough to survive regular, everyday use and last a long time.

In use, the E80 earphones feel very light & incredibly comfortable – the fit is one of the best we’ve come across, they feel secure & don’t require regular adjustments. The combination of lightness & comfort means that after a few minutes you aren’t aware of them at all – just the sound…

Deep, Warm & Punchy – No EQ Required

The first thing that you notice when listening to the SoundMAGIC E80 is the clarity of sound & incredible level of detail. To compliment this, the stereo image is very wide & precise. The bass is very deep and warm, remaining natural sounding & rather lovely. The lower mid range is scooped a little to give a clean hi-fi style sound. This is done in a sympathetic way leaving the upper mid range in tact to deliver punch and snap, while the top end is still open and spacious. This gentle scooping really helps open up the sound so that they can deliver a very detailed sound.

We have also tested the E80 for a few hours with a PS4 – the detailed sound and precise stereo image make them a great choice for gaming use (if you want a mic, take a look at the E80S).

Overall, the sound is huge – wide, deep, spacious all backed up with fantastic detailed clarity…simply put, the E80 sound superb.

SoundMagic E80 Review Conclusion

SoundMAGIC have done a great job with the E80 – they improve and build on their previous track record with the other lower models in the E series. The design, build & sound are all more refined, more polished – in our opinion they more than meet our expectations & perform brilliantly. The SoundMAGIC E80 are a great buy for anyone serious about their music or gaming – they are worth every penny.


  • Fantastic, detailed sound
  • Clean looks
  • Lightweight


  • ...none

Review Summary:

Sound: Great detail, precise stereo image with deep, warm bass

Design: Clean, slightly understated, but can still make a statement

Quality: Great materials and high quality finish throughout

Value: Worth every penny - these compete with any other earphones in the sub £100 range

Sound: 5/5
Design: 4.9/5
Quality: 4.9/5
Value: 4.9/5
Overall: 4.9/5
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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
E80 SoundMAGIC 64.99 4.9

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