Fidue A73 Review

Model: A73
Brand: FIDUE
RRP: £99.00
Review Score: 5/5
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I would happily listen to these for everymore: Glorious, 5/5.

FIDUE produce a wide range of earphones that cover a wide price range. The A73 can be considered their ‘entry’ level IEM design and make a lot of promises regarding audio fidelity. Find out what we think in our FIDUE A73 review.

Even though the A73 is an ‘entry’ level IEM – the price tag will still be considered high or at a premium level by many of you. At this price level, our standards are high, products have to deliver, and above all else, they need to meet our expectations.

Beautifully Presented – Superbly Comfortable

On seeing the packaging, there is no mistaking the fact that you are looking at a premium product. The packaging exudes quality & attention to detail – it is one of the best product presentations that we have seen. The A73 earphones are tucked away neatly inside the beautifully designed box, safely held in place by precision cut foam.

FIDUE A73 IEMThe outer casing of the earphones are made from red and silver plastic which are shaped to compliment the way that they fit in your ear. The silver plated, OFC (oxygen free) cable is a matt silver/grey silicone coated cable which seems to strike a good balance between toughness, tangle resistance and weight. The component parts on the cable (mic/button unit, cable split & 3.5mm jack plug) are all made from machined metal with a silver finish and tough red silicon strain relief.

The overall design and quality of the FIDUE A73 earphones is exceptional. They have obviously had a lot of development time spent on them, and from our point of view, it was time very well spent.

The A73 are designed to be worn with the cables wrapping over and around your ears with the provided rubber sleeves holding the cable in the correct position. The result of this approach is an unbelievable level of comfort and security of fit that you simply don’t get with most earphones that have the cable exiting traditionally at the bottom.
In use, because of the fit around the ear, they won’t pull out when the cable is knocked and there is virtually no weight at all pulling down from the cable either. Once you have the rubber ear hooks set up correctly for your ears, inserting the earpieces is no more complicated than a regular pair – and certainly takes no more time to fit.

Also in the box you get:

  • 3x grey silicone eartips (small, medium, large)
  • 1x grey double flange eartips
  • rubber ear hooks
  • rubber cable tie
  • cable clip
  • storage case

We cannot stress enough how comfortable the FIDUE A73 are to wear – you really do forget that you are wearing them…which brings us onto the really important part, the sound.

Highly Accurate and Detailed Sound

The A73 falls more into the IEM (in ear monitor) category rather than your average set of earphones – and the price certainly reflects this as well. So it would be fair to say that we have high expectations when it comes to how the Fidue A73 sound.

Sometimes, it can be hard to convey what you hear – instead, sometimes its what the sound makes you feel that is more important. The quality of sound that the FIDUE A73 produces will have you instantly dreaming and lost in music – this is how music should always sound.

The level of detail is simply superb with a wide stereo image that retains perfect accuracy throughout the soundstage. The bass is warm, deep, natural and plentiful. The mid range has plenty of punch without any nasty crunchiness what so ever. The top end is very open, silky and detailed. Overall the sound is very smooth and full…faultless.

When you combine this phenomenal sound with the exceptional comfort, the result is damn near perfection – it all becomes about the music, the sound, the journey…your experience.

FIDUE A73 Review Conclusion

Fidue have managed to come up with something really quite special with the A73. To take a slightly unusual approach and sum these up as concisely as possible:
At of the time of writing, I have personally tested over 60 different sets of earphones from many different manufacturers – if I had to pick and listen to just one of those for evermore, it would be these, the FIDUE A73. Glorious, 5/5.


  • Stunning sound
  • Incredibly comfortable


  • none

Review Summary:

Sound: Smooth and silky, with a deep natural bass

Design: Clean, understated looks

Quality: High quality materials and finish

Value: They create a listening experience that is worth every penny

Sound: 5/5
Design: 4.9/5
Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
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