Best Earphones With Mic

Now that we all own a smartphone, the demand for earphones with an inline microphone has risen sharply. There are now more of these on the market than ever before. Most of the earphones that come packaged with smartphones sound pretty bad and tend to break easily. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace a broken set, then you’ve come to the right place. Have a look at our guide to the best earphones with mic.

The Best Earphones with Mic Comparison

Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Noise Isolating Available Colours Rating
RHA MA750i Review MA750i RHA 89.95 5
FIDUE A73 Review A73 FIDUE 99.00 5
Pump Audio Earphones Pump Pump Audio 69.00 5
Fidue A65 Earphones A65 FIDUE 49.99 4.9
SoundMAGIC E50S E50S SoundMAGIC 49.95 4.7
Rock Jaw Alpha Alpha Genus V2 Rock Jaw 44.95 4.6
SoundMAGIC E10S Earphones E10S SoundMAGIC 39.99 4.5
Sol Republic Master Tracks Review Master Tracks Sol Republic 169.99 4.4
Rock Jaw Alpha Genus Alpha Genus Rock Jaw 49.99 4.4
Rock Jaw Arcana V2 Arcana Rock Jaw 29.99 4.3

Bose Quiet Comfort QC20

Bose Quiet Comfort 20 - Best Earphones with Microphone

Bose have a reputation for producing high quality audio equipment – and they can perhaps be considered the king of noise cancelling earphones. As you would expect from such a high profile company, the design of the QC20 earphones is exceptional. They have a very unique look to them, mainly thanks to the soft proprietary StayHear tips which help provide a really secure, comfortable fit.

Because the Bose Quiet Comfort QC20 earphones are noise cancelling, it means that there is additional circuitry inside. This extra electronics requires power and therefore a rechargeable battery – this is all included, but you will need to charge them up from time to time using a standard USB connection. Even if the battery runs out, they will still work as normal earphones – just without the noise cancellation.

As you would expect from Bose, the sound is impressive and detailed. The sound is at its best when the noise cancelling circuitry is active, when turned off, it is a little lacking. The noise cancellation works brilliantly and really does remove a large portion of external noise making them a great choice for traveling or office use.

The Bose Quiet Comfort 20 earphones look great and sound amazing. The noise cancellation is pretty much unrivaled and really improves the listening experience. We think that the Bose Quiet Comfort 20 are the best earphones with microphone around.

Sol Republic Master Tracks

Sol Republic Master Tracks - Best Headphones with mic

If you are looking for something a little different, these are for you. Sol Republic have become known for producing high quality headphones and earphones for people that love music.

The Sol Republic Master Tracks headphones are aimed at the music lover on the move. The inline controls make them smartphone friendly – the mic and button will work on all mobile platforms, but the next/previous controls only work on certain devices. The Master Tracks have a beautiful, sleek understated design that is very different from most other headphones around. The build is very tough & the headband is claimed to be virtually indestructible.

One of the best features of the Master Tracks headphones is the level of extreme comfort. They feel light and soft allowing them to be worn comfortably for long periods. Also because the drivers are sealed, they let in very little external noise in – this also means that your music doesn’t escape either.

Now the important bit – the sound. The Master Tracks sound absolutely fantastic. The bass is really big and deep – yet natural, accurate and detailed. The top end is nicely open and spacious. The mid range is very nicely balanced indeed. There is no harshness or nasty edge – the entire frequency range is very well balanced and a joy to listen to. The stereo image and level of detail are exceptional – the precision and clarity here are stunning. Even after listening to these for many, many hours they still make you smile time and time again.

Overall, the Sol Republic Master Tracks are a stunning set of headphones that knock the socks off the competition in the same price range – competing happily with headphones that cost £250+. These are our personal choice to listen to on a daily basis and we rate them very highly indeed. For more information, you can also read our full Sol Republic Master Tracks review.

Ei8htball EX811

Ei8htball EX811 - Best Earphones with Microphone

The EX811 earphones are the first product launched by new brand, Ei8htball. They have aimed these directly at users looking to upgrade or replace earphones included with smartphones.

Everything about the Ei8htball EX811 earphones oozes quality. The packaging is beautiful designed, giving you a luxurious Apple like unboxing experience. The earphones themselves are very well made with a lot of attention to detail. The Earpieces are made from a solid, yet lightweight metal that has a high quality, detailed paint finish. The cable is of the woven type. The jack plug and cable split re-enforcement are also of an equally high standard and feel incredibly tough. The inline controls with mic are set off on the left side, so they hang near you mouth.

Now for the important bit – how do they sound? The EX811 earphones sound fantastic. The bottom end or bass is deep and plentiful. Sub frequencies can be heard, almost felt they go so low. Although the bass is big, its not overly so & sounds amazingly natural and balanced. The treble is light and airy with no harshness. The mid range is really nice. Plenty of punch and snap that can often be lacking in other earphones. Where they really come alive is in the amount of detail that you can hear – effects and backing vocals can be heard clearly behind the music. The stereo image is also very big with accurate placement throughout.

Overall, we think that the Ei8htball EX811 earphones are incredibly good value for money. For less than £30 they deliver an audio experience that can match many much more expensive earphones. These are some of the very best earphones with microphone on the market for a price that is unbeatable. For more information, you can also read our full Ei8htball EX811 review.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Earphones with Microphone


You should be a aware that not all earphones designed for smartphone use will work with all smartphones/devices. The microphone itself and the primary main button (for play/pause and call controls) should work on all devices. However, buttons for next/previous track or volume controls may not and are often platform specific. Normally this will be listed as either compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android. We would double checking that your chosen earphones are compatible with your device this before making a purchase.

Inline Control and Microphone Placement

This comes down more to personal preference. The microphone and button control unit can be positioned typically in one of 2 places. Some earphones put the inline controls off to one side so that they hang nearer your mouth, better for picking up your voice, but more fiddly for the controls. Others place it where the cable splits under your chin – this is better for accessing the buttons, but not quite as good for picking up your voice through the microphone. Either way, you will get used to where the controls and microphone sits on your earphones when you wear them – but you might prefer one over the other.

Comfortable Secure Fit

A secure fit is possibly more important for a set of earphones with a mic than those without. This is because of the small extra amount of weight that can pull on the cable while the earpiece is in your ear. A more secure fit will help them stay in place while you move around during your everyday life.

Tough Construction

Because you intend to use the earphones with your smartphone, it is very possible that you will put them on, take them off & store them more often than you would with a normal set. This can and will lead to a tougher life for your earphones. If you buy a set of earphones that are built to be tougher, they will last longer. Many earphones also come with a storage pouch or case – this can really help extend the life of a set of earphones reducing the amount of stress that they have to endure. If you buy a pair of earphones that don’t come with a pouch or case, we would suggest that you buy a 3rd party one – they don’t cost much at all and will make your earphones last a lot longer.

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