Trinity Audio Techne Earphones on Kickstarter

Trinity Audio – Audiophile Grade Earphones on Kickstarter

Its not often that you get to be part of history and help the birth of a new earphones brand. Trinity Audio are now giving you that chance with their exciting Kickstarter campaign. Click through to find out more about this fantastic opportunity.

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Best Earphones For Bass

What Are The Best Earphones For Bass?

So you like your bass, lots of it. Finding a set of earphones that can deliver the goods in this department can be a frustrating experience. Join us to take a look at some of the earphones that we’ve previously reviewed and decide which are the best earphones for bass.

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Summer is coming - the beach

Ear Candy – Summer Is Coming

In this first edition of Ear Candy and to embrace the approach of summer, I thought I’d share three pieces of music that I regularly use for testing different earphones. These a great pieces of music in their own right, and are all very different in style – something for everyone. Read more…

yurbuds logo

Yurbuds Taken Over By Harman

Harman, possibly best known for their brand Harman Kardon have just bought and taken over yurbuds sports earphones. This could be a very interesting partnership that will be worth watching over the next couple of years.

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Do Earphones Materials Sound Different?

Do Earphones Made From Different Materials Sound Different?

With so many different earphones to choose from it is easy to miss that earphones are made from different materials. Do these different materials effect the way that the earphones sound?

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SoundMAGIC E10 Red

SoundMagic E10 vs E10m

The SoundMagic E10 have become a very well known and respected set of affordable earphones. However there is often some confusion over the differences between model numbers. Read on to find out whether the SoundMagic E10 or E10m are the right choice for you.

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Get the best sound from your earphones

How to get the best sound from your earphones

Just because you’ve bought the best earphones that you could find, doesn’t mean that they will sound as good as they can straight out of the box. There are several factors to be aware of and to check if you want to get the best sound possible from your earphones.

In this post, we’ll give you a quick run down of the 5 most important factors that can effect the sound that you get from your earphones.

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Apple Buys Beats Audio

Why are Apple buying Beats?

Apple have a long standing reputation for producing sleek products that are both uniquely stylish and ground breaking. So why are they interested in buying a brand that is known for making overly stated headphones?

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