Yurbuds Taken Over By Harman

Harman, possibly best known for their brand Harman Kardon have just bought and taken over yurbuds sports earphones. This could be a very interesting partnership that will be worth watching over the next couple of years.

While this take over hasn’t had has much coverage in the press as the Apple & Beats takeover – it is possibly just as interesting.

You may not be aware of Harman, they produce audio equipment for top end brands like Harman Kardon, AKG, JBL, Lexicon and more. In short they are known for producing quality audio equipment.

yurbuds only make sports earphones that are designed to stay in place no matter what you do. While their functional sports performance is fantastic (see our review) the sound is somewhat lacking. If Harman come on board and address this sound quality issue while keeping the sports performance side of the products untouched. yurbuds could well become the market leader in sports earphones, only time will tell!

You can see the full press release here: Harman press release

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