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Model: MA750i
Brand: RHA
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Review Score: 5/5
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Stunning retro looks, outstanding build quality and an incredibly detailed, immersive sound - faultless

British high end audio company RHA produce an impressive range of earphones, spread across a wide price range. The MA750i, which appears at the upper end of their mid range products, comes with high expectations and promises of superb audio quality. Find out what we think in our RHA MA750i review.

Founded in 2011, RHA is a British audio company that has become known for striving to produce earphones to an exceptionally high standard. Because of this, they are well known by audiophiles, but perhaps not quite so well known by the average person in the street. The MA Series is their mid priced range, with the MA 750i being the flagship product in that range.

Classic British Design

It is very apparent from the first glimpse of the packaging that you’re in for a treat. The box has been very nicely designed – it looks clean, desirable, includes lots of information & truly looks like a premium product. The front cover folds open to allow you to see the beautifully presented contents inside.

The moment you have the MA750i earphones in your hand, you are struck by how incredibly well made and designed they are. These are in a class of their own and are many, many leagues above virtually all the earphones we have seen before now. The quality of finish is truly exceptional, with precise subtle detailing throughout and not a single element looking out of place. This is also one of those rare occasions that a product looks just as good in the flesh as it does in the glossy promotional photographs: outstanding.

RHA - MA750i EarphonesThe earpieces feel incredibly solid and weighty, machined from stainless steel – these are made to last. The re-enforced cable exit is much tougher than you’d find on most earphones, and provides a very strong base for the cable. The first section of cable, while still flexible, is shaped to fit over and around your ear. Having the cable around your ear has become our preferred configuration in recent times. It takes the weight of the cable away from the earpiece in your ear, significantly reduces sound/noise from the cable reaching the earpiece, increases comfort & means that the earphones stay where you want them – securely in your ears.

Further down, the main cable is a nice, tough, business like grey silicone cable. It is a little heavier in weight than we often see, but due to the round the ear fit, you don’t notice this at all.

The components (control/mic unit, cable split and gold 3mm jack plug) are all gorgeous pieces of engineering in their own right. Made from stainless steel, the cable split & jack plug both have a really nice (slightly vintage looking) knurled finish giving a nice blend of classic & contemporary. The jack plug also has a spring strain relief which only adds to this visual impression. All the components have a very short, but strong rubber strain relief for the cable – they have been designed to take a lot of abuse. The control/mic unit is one of the nicest we’ve seen. The buttons are covered by a rubber exterior – this should help keep any spills etc out of harms way.

You also get a very nice, subtly designed padded storage case, cable clip and a total of 10 different eartips to choose from:

  • white silicone (2x small, 2x medium, 2x large)
  • white double flange silicone (1x small, 1x large)
  • premium Comply foam tips (2 sets)

A really nice touch here is that you also get a stainless steel card with cutouts that perfectly holds all the eartips that you aren’t using safely in place. This card then has elastic straps inside the storage case to hold it securely, which of course, fits perfectly.
There is no doubt that the RHA MA750i are beautiful to look at, feel great to handle and are built to last a very long time. Stunning.

Accurate, Detailed, True To Life

When listening to the RHA MA750i earphones, you immediately notice how incredibly clear and precise the audio is. The soundstage is very wide with accurate, detailed positioning right across the stereo image.

At the bottom end, the bass is gloriously deep, warm and rich – completely natural sounding with no emphasis at all. The treble is very open and spacious, with the mid-range providing crisp details with zero harshness. The overall frequency balance is simply outstanding – sat hear listening to them as I type, I really can’t find fault at all.

While the choice of eartip does effect the sound a little, they all sound very good indeed. The Comply foam tips do sound that little bit better than the silicone alternatives – providing greater noise isolation, slightly deeper bass & a little more detail.

It is also worth noting that we have used the MA750i for gaming on a PS4 – they also perform fantastically well here as well. Explosions and environmental sounds surround you in oodles of glorious detail providing a truly immersive gaming experience.

RHA MA750i Review Conclusion

As if the stunning, retro looks weren’t enough, these are earphones that have been designed for listening pleasure. No fuss, no gimmicks, just damn fine audio quality. The MA750i encourage you to become completely lost in your music, hear new subtle details and forget everything around you. These are not just for audiophiles, they are for everyone. If you class yourself as being ‘into’ music, then you should take the plunge and get a set of RHA MA750i, you will not be disappointed.


  • Beautiful design
  • Impeccable build quality
  • Incredible sound
  • Great storage case & accessories


  • Absolutely none

Review Summary:

Sound: Fantastic detail & immersive sound

Design: Gorgeous retro looks

Quality: Amazing build quality - the stainless steel is superb

Value: Absolutely worth every penny

Sound: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
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MA750i RHA 89.95 5

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