Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Because of the huge rise in popularity of smartphones, the demand for wireless earphones has also risen sharply. Equally suited for the gym, running or the commute, they offer an additional level of convenience and ease of use that traditional wired earphones can’t provide. Choosing the best bluetooth earphones to work with your smartphone can be a bit of a minefield – we’re here  to show you the best of the best.

Recommended Best Wireless Earphones

Jaybird Freedom Sprint

Jaybird Freedom Sprint - Best Bluetooth EarphonesThe amazing Jaybird Freedom Sprint earphones are the updated successor to the Jaybird Freedom. They have tweaked the original design, optimising it wherever possible. The result is a set of stunning wireless earphones that perform exceptionally well in every way. They are compatible with most modern bluetooth devices including iPhones and Android smartphones.

The audio quality is absolutely top notch for a set of bluetooth earphones. Design has placed a focus on warm sub bass, balancing it with controlled mids and soft treble to give you a thumping sound that reduces listening fatigue.

There are 3 buttons on one of the ear pieces for changing volume, next/previous track, play/pause & answer calls. The tweaked design also features a refined microphone enclousure & placement that makes your voice even clearer. As these earphones are intended for use in the gym, playing sports or running, great attention has been placed on a secure fit. In the box you get 3 set of ear adaptors and 3 sets of ear tips, plus a set of optional earhooks – these earphones really should fit everyone very well. On top of this, they also come with a lifetime guarantee against sweat. We think the Jaybird Freedom Sprint earphones are the best wireless earphones on the market at the moment.

Plantronics BackBeat GO

Plantronics Backbeat Go - Best Wireless EarphonesAvailable in black or white, these great little earphones are some of the smallest and lightest bluetooth earphones around today. Despite their size, they pack a punch well above their weight with a great full deep and clear sound. Along with a microphone (mic) they have inline controls for answering calls, skip tracks and changing volume as you would expect. The fit is good, providing sound isolation with the 3 sizes of ear adaptors in the box, couple this with the optional stabilisers and they’ll stay secure during exercise.

Some users have reported a shorter than advertised battery life  after a full charge. On this note, the battery level will automatically be displayed on the screen of your iPhone or Android smartphone. If you intend to use these in the gym or for short commutes this shouldn’t be an issue – but is certainly worth being aware of. Despite this, we love them & think the Plantronics Backbeat Go earphones are a great option at their price point.

Avantronics Jogger

Avantronics Jogger - Best Bluetooth EarphonesThe water resistant Avantonics Jogger sit right at the bottom of the market as far as price is concerned. These are wireless earphones for runners or gym goers that want the convenience they bring but not necessarily stunning audio quality. They still perform well and have  a good overall sound – but you can’t put them in the same bracket as the others we’ve mentioned above. They come with 2 sets of ear adaptors for a custom fit and have the usual controls for track selection, volume and call answering.

If you are on a tight budget & absolutely have to have a set of bluetooth earphones, then the Avantronics Jogger earphones are the right choice for you.

If you are looking at this price point, we would also suggest that you take a look at our guide to the best earphones for running as some of the wired alternatives maybe a better choice for you.

Best of the rest

All bluetooth earphones will have pretty much the same controls as you’d expect, but the styling does vary greatly. Because of this, a significant part of your decision will come down to personal preference & intended use. Here we show you a few more sets of wireless earphones to help you decide.

Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Earphones Review Bluebuds X Jaybird 149.99 3.8
Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Earphones Review 903+ Plantronics 54.99 3.5
Denon AH-W200 Earphones Review AH-W200 Denon 179.99 3.0
Philips SHB6017 Earphones Review SHB6017/10 Philips 81.71 2.8

Choosing the Best Bluetooth Earphones

Typically, a set of bluetooth earphones will consist of two earpieces that are connected by a single wire which, when worn, runs behind your head. This type of earphones are regularly targeted for sports/running/gym use as the extra freedom of movement is suited ideally to a more active listening experience. The earphones communicate with your smartphone via a bluetooth connection and will normally have a built in microphone (mic) along with controls to select next/previous songs, pause/play & answer an incoming call. We strongly recommend that you check compatibility with your smartphone before buying as not all bluetooth earphones are compatible with all smartphones (iPhone or Android etc).

Because the audio is essentially being transmitted to the in ear headphones by a form of digital radio (bluetooth), there can be some degradation in signal or audio quality over a standard set of wired earphones. This degradation will be more apparent in cheaper wireless earphones where the circuitry is less refined. It is also worth noting that it is your smartphone that encodes and transmits the signal to the earphones – this can have an impact on the quality of the audio experience which is not controlled by the earphones themselves.

Another aspect to consider with wireless earphones is that they have a small internal rechargeable battery that has a limited run time – often only of a few hours. This could be a turn off for some users if you plan to use your earphones on a regular basis as they will need charging very regularly…possibly even daily. The usual method of charging is via a USB connection – this can be plugged into any  USB charger or a USB port on a PC/laptop. While this is a very convenient method of charging, for some, having yet another device that needs charging may out way the initial convenience that even the best bluetooth earphones have to offer.
One more consideration is that the combination of extra circuitry and battery also add more bulk and weight – this can lead to them fitting less securely than a normal or sports set of earphones.

The addition of all this extra technology to a set of earphones also means an increased price – there is no escaping the fact that wireless bluetooth earphones cost significantly more than a traditional wired set.

There will almost always be a trade off with audio quality with wireless earphones unless you pay a premium for a high quality set. The next step is up to you – we hope this helps you choose the best wireless earphones for you and your lifestyle.

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