Rockjaw Clarito Review

Model: Clarito
Brand: Rock Jaw
RRP: £23.95
Review Score: 4.3/5
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Best Earphones Guide Star Buy - 4.3/5

Big, balanced sound that is worth way more than the price tag.

Rock Jaw take pride in producing great sounding earphones – the Clarito is their most affordable set yet. With a tough build, great looks and impressive sound, find out how they stack up in our Rock Jaw Clarito review.

The Clarito is the first product from Rock Jaw that has been aimed at the cheaper end of the market. Without a microphone or control button, they are perhaps aimed at the more budget conscious music lover that is more concerned about how their music sounds instead of being able to answer calls on their earphones.

Sleek, Understated Design

The packing for the Clarito has evolved positively since we tested the likes of the Arcana V2 Review or Alpha Genus V2 review. The design has come on leaps and bounds making the Clarito look like a premium product with a very affordable price tag.

The dark grey metal earpieces are finished to a very high standard with subtle detailing and clean lines. The cable exist is re-enforced with a long silicone sleeve – this looks to be very tough and should protect the cable very well. Overall, the earpiece construction feels incredibly tough and strong – these are earphones designed to survive everyday use.

Rockjaw ClaritoThe silicone cable is a little thicker than most, but with this extra weight comes extra strength – this cable will take a lot of rough handling (much more than your regular budget priced earphones). As with other Rock Jaw models, the cable split and gold 3.5mm jack plug are both molded from tough silicone and should also survive rough use. In use the cable is a little heavy, but we found the included cable clip solved the problem nicely.

Also included are:

  • 4x set grey silicone eartips (1x small, 2x medium, 1x large)
  • Cable clip
  • Storage pouch

Overall, judging by the looks of the Rock Jaw Clarito, you would expect them to be priced around the £35 mark & not the £24 that they actually cost…impressive.

Big, Clear & Detailed Sound

Rock Jaw have placed the Clarito in a slightly unusual position. The £24 price tag means that they need to sound better than the sub £20 crowd (eg, SoundMAGIC E19S), which they definitely do by a significant margin. But they also need to play with the bigger boys around the £30 mark, which they also manage to do. This balance makes them really quite attractive & places them in a unique price band almost entirely on their own.

Overall the sound is really big and has a good amount of detail with a wide stereo image. The bass is big, warm and deep (bassheads will be happy), the mid range has a really nice natural punch with good detail & the treble is well balanced and natural sounding.

Often with cheaper earphones, the frequency range can sound scooped and a bit thin towards the higher end. This isn’t the case with the Rock Jaw Clarito – and this is what sets them apart clearly from their sub £20 rivals. Comparing them to other earphones around the £30 mark, they definitely still manage to hold their own. While they perhaps don’t quite have the same level of detail, you would be hard pushed to notice the difference.

As we have mentioned in a few other reviews – the tell tale sign of a good set of earphones for us is when we stop thinking about them & actually just listen to the music…the Clarito is one of the few that have managed to pull this off. Given the price, they simply sound superb.

Rock Jaw Clarito Review Conclusion

Rock Jaw have managed to come up with something really quite special with the Clarito. The match of superb sound at such an attractive price places them in a market on their own. They make a great choice for anyone that is serious about their music but lacks the budget for a £30+ set of earphones. In short, the Rock Jaw Clarito are a winner.


  • Great sound
  • Fantastic value


  • Cable is a little on the heavy side

Review Summary:

Sound: Great detail & big, balanced sound

Design: Clean looks and styling

Quality: High quality materials and finish

Value: Almost unbeatable value - superb

Sound: 4.1/5
Design: 4.1/5
Quality: 4.3/5
Value: 4.8/5
Overall: 4.3/5
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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
Clarito Rock Jaw 23.95 4.3

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