SoundPEATS M20 Review

Model: M20
Brand: SoundPEATS
RRP: £6.99
Review Score: 3.8/5
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SoundPEATS are a relative newcomer to the budget market with the M20 offering incredible value for money – see what we think in our SoundPEATS M20 review.

The M20 is the slightly bigger brother of the M10 (see SoundPEATS M10 review) – the price is still low and they make a promise of delivering a lot for the money.

Basic Looks With Clean Design

As you would expect at such a low price, the packaging is fairly basic. A simple box with clear window that allows a glimpse of the product inside.

The metal earpieces are cleanly finished to quite a high standard (better than the M10), the quality of finish is certainly a lot better than you’d expect for the price tag. The cable exit provides excellent strain relief, and the flat silicone cable transmits hardly any noise to the earpiece. The cable and associated parts are all exactly the same as on the lower model. There is a mic/button unit on the left side cable – the button click feels very solid and has a nice feel. The cable split and jack plug are both molded silicone, the straight jack plug is nickel plated rather than the preferred gold – but it works perfectly well.

In the box you get 3 sets of silicone eartips (small, medium, large). These eartips are significantly higher quality than many others we’ve at lower price points. Saying that, we have experience a few issues with fit. The fit is comfortable enough – but these eartips seem to continually want to push themselves out of our ears…they need pushing back in quite a lot.

Overall – the SoundPEATS M20 look and feel they should cost significantly more than they actually do.

Surprising Sound

At this sort of low price, you are never going to find audio heaven – but you can occasionally find a diamond in the rough. The M20 isn’t quite the diamond in the rough, but they do provide a quality of sound that is a little unexpected. It is also worth noting that the M20 provide a much more balanced sound than the overly bassy M10.

The bass is deep and plentiful – it is a little boomy, rather than warm and detailed, but works well. The treble sounds a little thinned and the mid range is scooped out giving a hi-fi like sound. The level of detail or clarity is ok and shouldn’t be expected to be the same level as the £30+ market, but they do manage to present music quite well.

SoundPEATS M20 Review Conclusion

SoundPEATS have managed to create quite an impressive set of earphones for the money. While these aren’t earphones that we would personally choose, we do appreciate that sometimes cheaper is better…under those circumstances the M20 come out on top as we really believe that they can’t be beaten at this phenomenally low price point. Cheap, cheerful, almost disposable – the SoundPEATS M20 are amazing value.


  • Cheap
  • Reasonable sound for the money


  • Fit is as good as it could be

Review Summary:

Sound: Deep bass & h-fi sound

Design: Clean simple looks

Quality: Tough build

Value: Great value for money

Sound: 3.8/5
Design: 3.8/5
Quality: 3.4/5
Value: 4.1/5
Overall: 3.8/5
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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
M20 SoundPEATS 6.99 3.8

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