Pump Audio Earphones Review

Model: Pump
Brand: Pump Audio
RRP: £69.00
Review Score: 5/5
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Simply stunning: 5/5 - do we really need to say more?

Pump Audio have made their intentions very clear. They are targeting the likes of Beats & trying to out perform them. The Pump Audio earphones come with an extremely high level of expectation attached to them. Find out more in our Pump Audio earphones review.

Pump Audio earphones came into existence via a very successful kickstarter campaign. You only have to read some of the comments from there & elsewhere on the web to see what kind of reaction they have been getting. These are some of the most exciting & eagerly anticipated earphones we’ve had the pleasure of checking out for a long time!

Also…Pump earphones do come in a few different colours – so don’t let the orange shown put you off!

Refined, Precise, Detailed – Faultless

First impressions count for a lot – at first glance, the lay of the land looks rather good. The packaging is finished to a very high standard with high quality materials & print. The outer sleeve is cleanly designed and hi-lights some user comments from some notable users such as Marshall Jefferson.

With the sleeve removed, the inner box folds outwards to reveal the earphones tucked away safely inside…

The earphones look and feel very high quality – not a single scratch, rough edge or detail out of place. These are the real deal – a truly high end, premium product.

The earpieces are machined from aluminium and showcase some of the finest detailing we’ve ever seen. The polished, patterned piece on the outer side is possibly the single most beautifully designed component we’ve seen on a set of earphones.

The cable exit is re-enforced with a tough, flexible plastic that feels like it will survive rough handling. The cable itself is the flat silicone type – a nice medium weight that has strength, but still light enough to feel comfortable. The cable also has very good flex and seems to resist tangles very well.

Pump Audio Orange EarphonesMoving down to the mic/button unit, which unusually is at the cable split. This positioning helps retain a clean look and feel to the Pump earphones. The outer casing of the control unit is also metal, making it incredibly strong. The button is very easy to find without fumbling and has a nice solid feel to the click. The box states that the ‘ inline microphone is specially designed to be suitable for exercising’ – while it isn’t clear what this refers to, I think its fair t assume that they’ve built it to withstand tough use. The gold 3.5mm jack plug is assembled in a very similar way – metal housing & then chunky silicone strain relief to protect the cable.

Also included:

  • 3x sets silicone eartips
  • 3x sets foam eartips
  • storage case

The silicone eartips again feel high quality, and the foam tips, while not Comply, are really very nice. We tried both types, but preferred the foam tips. The level of sound isolation with these is very impressive & the in-ear fit is very, very good.

The storage case is a fairly regular clamshell style number which is embellished with a Pump logo, and once again is very nicely finished.

Just going by the look and feel of all the components, you can tell that this product has been put together with passion and a very keen eye for detail. Expectations still remains very high – can the sound match the design?


Note: As with any high quality earphones, these need a period of use to wear in. We did have a very quick listen before doing this & I can safely say that the sound does change quite a bit with use. We burned them in for 25hrs before listening to them for another 15+ hours over several days. Before this level of use, straight out of the box, they have quite a harsh upper mid range – this mellows during the burn in period. Once burned in, they settle and can be listened to…

The foam tips provide a very comfortable, tight fit – much more so than the silicone eartips. This alters the level of sound isolation and bass quite dramatically. Here we’re testing using a Sony Xperia Z3, Google play music & the foam eartips.

First reaction: oh…my… Its a little hard to know where to start or how to convey the experience into words.

The level of detail is phenomenal – the sound space is incredibly clear and precise. The stereo image is really wide and has very accurate placement. Reverbs are much more spacial than normal. The overall sound is completely enveloping and absorbing…goosebumps.

The bass goes low, really low – it has fantastic depth & is big, rich, warm but remains completely natural. Bassheads will be very happy – these are the earphones you’ve been looking for.

The mid range is very balanced – there are no notable holes or scoops. The treble is spacious and open. Everything sounds proportionally correct with just enough added excitement to bring your music to life.

If anyone ever tries to tell you that all earphones sound the same or that premium earphones sound the same as those that cost £20 – they are wrong, very, very wrong. The Pump Audio earphones are in another league altogether – the sound is absolutely stunning.

Pump Audio Earphones Review Conclusion

It is fair to say that Pump Audio have delivered what they set out to do. These earphones look great, feel great and sound amazing. If you are serious about your music, you should be serious about how you listen to it. Pump Audio make seriously good earphones, simply outstanding.


  • Very high quality materials
  • Amazing sound


  • None

Review Summary:

Sound: There, I said it - 5/5

Design: Great detail

Quality: Fantastic materials & build

Value: Worth every penny

Sound: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4.9/5
Overall: 5/5
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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
Pump Pump Audio 69.00 5

3 responses to “Pump Audio Earphones Review”

  1. Judy says:

    Pump earphones have an amazing sound, i never heard better than that before.

  2. Ben says:

    I feel 5/5 is the right verdict for the sound. It is an experience I always look forward to on a daily basis when I listen to my music using these earphones. The silicone tips must be placed just right in order to fully enjoy the full range which goes very, very low and yet retain the clarity of the high and mid-range. The foam tips make it so much easier to fit right because it seals much better.

    Pump Audio is definitely a keeper and I look forward to more products from them.

  3. Al Marsh says:

    Over the last 25 years I’ve used hundreds of pairs of earphones, DJing in many clubs. The quality I receive from pump is second to none. The bass is deep and clear, the highs crystal. I wouldn’t be without mine ever. For any doubters, try them first. You won’t go else where ever again.

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