What Are The Best Earphones For Bass?

So you like your bass, lots of it. Finding a set of earphones that can deliver the goods in this department can be a frustrating experience. Join us to take a look at some of the earphones that we’ve previously reviewed and decide which are the best earphones for bass.

There are several factors to keep in mind when in pursuit of the ultimate bass. The fit in your ear is critical to get a great bass response – the tighter the seal, the more bass you will get. The depth that the earpiece fits inside your ear can also change the sound quite dramatically – for this reason, choosing to use smaller eartips can often lead to an increase in bass.

The material used to make the earphones will also influence the bass character as well.
– If you want bass – avoid earphones made from plastic, they will only ever disappoint!
– Wooden earphones will have a natural low bass with lots of warmth.
– Metal earphones will offer more detail and punch, but not quite as much warmth or depth.

While you can change the sound of earphones quite dramatically by using the EQ settings on your device – you won’t get the same sound as a result.

Its also worth remembering that different amplifiers also effect the amount of bass that you hear a lot! Try plugging your earphones into a laptop, tablet and your phone – they’ll sound different on every device.

In Pursuit Of Bassyness

1 – Acorn E1

Acorn E1

The E1 earphones from Acorn are made from a light coloured wood and sport a silicon cable with an angled 3.5mm jack plug. There is no microphone or button on these – its all about the music…and the bass.

The wood used in these gives them a fantastic natural warmth and a depth that has to be heard to be believed. We have found the E1 earphones feel narrower in the ear – this allows them to penetrate the ear slightly further, giving a much better bass response.

The mid range is very natural sounding with no unbalanced emphasis poking through. The treble is a little duller than some other earphones, but a quite tweak of the EQ at 6kHz & 16kHz or thereabouts is all thats required to give it a quick lift.

We love this earphones to bits – the simply styled wood, big bass, lightweight and a cable that doesn’t kink or tangle in use. Its also worth noting that these are great for gaming use – explosions are huge when listened to through these! You can check out the Acorn E1’s here, or read our Acorn E1 review.

2 – MediaDevil EB-01

Mediadevil EB-01

The MediaDevil EB-01 earphones are crafted from wood that has been reclaimed from furniture manufacturers. The finish on the wood is exceptional – great detailing and quality throughout. These have the additional bonus of having a microphone and button combo inserted inline on the tough woven cable. To finish off the natural/reclaimed feel, these also come with a natural fibre storage bag to help keep them safe when not in use.

Truth be told, there’s not a huge difference in the sound between the Acorn E1 & the MediaDevil EB-01 earphones – they are very close. The MediaDevil EB-01’s didn’t deliver quite as much depth at the very low end. The warmth is still the same thanks to the wood, and they also still sound very natural.

The mid range is again natural sounding – perhaps with a smidge more detail than the E1’s. Again they also benefit from a minor treble boost.

The MediaDevil EB-01 earphones deliver a very attractive package. They look great and sound fantastic. They again work very well for gaming purposes – but with the extra bonus of the microphone makes them a good choice for use with a PS4. At this price, they’re very hard too beat – check out the MediaDevil EB-01’s, or read our MediaDevil EB-01 review.

3 – Eightball EX811

Ei8htball EX811

These are still some of our favorite earphones around.  The EX811 earphones are made from metal and feel very solid yet lightweight. The woven cable is attractive, but can tangle easier than some other earphones. They don’t come with any form of storage, we’d recommend getting yourself a cheap earphones case to keep them in to help keep the tangling to a minimum. The microphone and button unit is very solid and is one of the most nicely finished ones we’ve seen.

The sound of the Ei8htball EX811 earphones gives the listener a lot of detail – particularly in the mid range. There is plenty of bass which is very tight and punchy – a little EQ will help bring up the sub frequencies to give it good depth as well.

The mid range and top end have lots of space and air that works well with all genres of music.

We’ve been using the EX811 earphones ever since we tested them several months back. They still sound great and look the part as well. While they don’t quite have the same low depth as the other earphones above, they do offer more detail and punch. These are a great choice for anyone wanting a good set of earphones to upgrade their smart phone. Check out the Ei8htball EX811’s, or read our Ei8htball EX811 review

4 – Sol Republic Master Tracks

Sol Republic Master Tracks Review

Yes – I know, these are headphones & they cost considerably more than the earphones listed above. But, I felt that given the impressive the sound quality, they should be mentioned.

While the look of these is quite understated and subtle – they manage to be distinctive and unique at the same time. The build quality and overall finish is absolutely top notch – faultless.

The reason that the Sol Republic Master Tracks have made an appearance here is due to the way that they sound. In short, the sound is phenomenal.

The bass is big and deep – but retains a level of detail and punch that the earphones above simply don’t have. The mid range is crisp with plenty of snappy punch that brings out an incredible amount of detail. The top end is very spacious and light allowing the music to breath naturally.

These are our personal choice when we want to experience pure listening joy! Check out the Sol Republic Master Tracks or read our Sol Republic Master Tracks review.

Best Earphones For Bass – Roundup

These are all great sets of earphones that will satisfy any basshead. The Acorn E1’s have a little more depth than the MediaDevil EB-01’s – but otherwise they are very closely matched in terms of sound. The Ei8htball EX811’s offer more punch and excitement, but at the expense of the depth of bass.

For use it comes down to this, if you don’t need a microphone – go for the Acorn E1’s. If you do want that microphone – the choice is a little more complex. But, if bass is your thing, go for the MediaDevil EB-01’s, you won’t be disappointed.

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