SoundMagic E10 vs E10m

The SoundMagic E10 have become a very well known and respected set of affordable earphones. However there is often some confusion over the differences between model numbers. Read on to find out whether the SoundMagic E10 or E10m are the right choice for you.

As you may be aware from reading our full review, the SoundMagic E10 earphones have won several awards & are often mentioned in glossy gadget magazines as being the best earphones to buy (they regularly appear in top ten comparisons).

SoundMagic E10mIts not always clear what the difference in models numbers mean. The manufacturers, SoundMagic have tried to make it obvious by adding the ‘m’ for mobile. But if you look at the photos on most vendor websites, they will use the same photos for both models.

Both models are essentially identical – the audio drivers, ear adaptors, cable and jack plug are all the same. The E10m has the addition of an inline control unit mainly intended for use with smartphones. This provides you with a microphone for calls, a button for play/pause and call answering. There are also buttons for volume up or down – these will only work on Apple devices eg, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Users of other operating systems (like Android) will only be able to use the microphone and play/pause button.

Its also worth noting that the SoundMagic E10m is considerably harder to find to buy compared to the basic E10 model. Add to this the fact that the price is also considerably higher for the E10m model – you may prefer to choose the cheaper E10 or opt for a different set of earphones that come with a smartphone friendly microphone (like the Ei8htball EX811 or MediaDevil EB-01).

Either way, this should help you understand the main differences between the SoundMagic E10 vs E10m.

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