SoundMAGIC E50S Review

Model: E50S
Brand: SoundMAGIC
RRP: £49.95
Review Score: 4.7/5
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Best Earphones Guide Star Buy - 4.7/5

Another winner from SoundMAGIC - the E50S ticks all the boxes and performs brilliantly. Amazing detailed sound with a depth to match - outstanding.

Award winning manufacturer SoundMAGIC are well known for their incredibly popular E series of earphones. The E50S is their latest addition to the family which takes pride of place right at the top. Find out what we think & how they sound in our SoundMAGIC E50S review.

The arrival of the E50 marks the addition of a new tier to the SoundMAGIC E range. The E50S has to follow in the previous footsteps of the award winning E10 and E10S, which are both tough acts to follow (particularly the E10S). What makes this model even more intriguing, is that it also steps up a little in price as well – this means that we really have great expectations & can’t wait to give them a try!

Clean, Sleek, Simple

The SoundMAGIC E50S packaging is very similar to both its predecessors – clean, simple, business like – no frills or gimmicks.

Inside the box you get a good selection of accessories which we’ve come to expect from SoundMAGIC.

Included in the box:

  • 1x double flange silicone eartips
  • 3x narrow aperture silicone eartips (s, m, l)
  • 3x wide aperture silicon eartips (s, m, l)
  • 1x set of Comply T-400 foam eartips
  • Storage case
  • Adaptor cable (splits into separate mic & headphone lines for laptops etc)

The vast range of eartips guarantees you a great fit. The narrow and wide aperture silicone eartips do sound different, allowing you to choose the sound your prefer. However, the Comply T-400 foam tips are a fantastic inclusion and are our preferred option. For those of you not familiar with Comply tips – they are made from a squishy foam…before inserting them in your ear, you roll them between finger & thumb, insert, then allow them to expand to completely fill your ear. They are incredibly comfortable & because of the tight fit, they sound fantastic as well.

Copper Soundmagic E50The earpieces are made from solid metal which both looks and feels very high quality. The standard of finish is very high and the build quality feels incredibly tough and rugged. The cable exiting the earpieces is re-enforced to provide strain relief and to help minimize noise transfer from the cable to the earpiece. The cable itself is the high quality, tried and tested, twisted anti-tangle silicone type that SoundMAGIC used on its predecessors. This has become our personal favorite choice of cable type – its tough, strong and doesn’t tangle.

Moving further down the cable, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at a set of E10s as they look identical. The microphone/button control unit has a solid metal housing with a recessed button that is easy to find with your fingers without looking. The cable split has a switch to change the wiring setup for different types of smartphones – if you plugged in with the wrong setting on an Android device, you will be notified that they are incompatible – flick the switch & they will work perfectly (we have to assume the same for IOS). Above the cable split is a sliding clip that allows you to change the height at which the cable splits – this will help prevent the cable from snagging on clothing as well as providing additional strain relief. The 3mm gold plated jack plug has a metal housing with the cable entering at the side at a jaunty angle.

The SoundMAGIC E50S look and feel very high quality, but with an accompanying precision that you don’t see that often. All in all, this all bodes very well for how they sound…

Immersive Audio With Precise Detail

As mentioned above, the E50’s come with several sets of eartips – out of the silicone options, we prefer the ones with the wider aperture. But, to get the best sound from these, you really have to indulge yourself with the included Comply t-400 foam tips. These provide a much better fit, better sound isolation…and a better overall sound as a result. Its also worth noting that they benefit from being run in (burned in) for a few hours before they sound their absolute best as well.
All our comments are based on using the Comply foam tips after the earphones have been used for 10+ hours.

The first things that strikes you when you listen to the SoundMAGIC E50S earphones is the sheer amount of detail – there’s bucket loads and its executed with incredible precision.

The mid range has great attack and punch – there’s no apparent scooping or colouring to be heard. The treble is open – again there’s no accent or over hi-fi style quality to it at all…its just there, and it sounds right. The bass is precise and controlled. We did find that a little tweak helped (+2dB bass on Xperia Z3) – while a subtle tweak, this brought an immense depth to the sound that will bring pure joy to your ears.

They cope very well with any type of music thrown at them – no matter what you listen to, they will put a smile on your face and leave you wanting to listen to more music.

The E50 has given us another rare occurrence while testing – we became absorbed by the music, explored new artists & just listened whilst gazing out of the window…this only ever happens with earphones that we REALLY like. They’re a bit like a favorite pair of slippers: they make the world a better place and you really don’t want to take them off.

SoundMAGIC E50S Review Conclusion

SoundMAGIC have done themselves proud with the E50S and they make an excellent addition to the E series. The SoundMAGIC E50 will surely win awards like its predecessors – yes, they do cost a little more than the E10 & E10s. But, they are worth every penny. The E50S allow you to hear the music you love, just as it should be heard.

If you love music, you will love the SoundMAGIC E50S.


  • Stunning, detailed sound
  • High quality materials and finish


  • None!

Review Summary:

Sound: Incredible clear, detailed sound with lots of depth

Design: Clean, understated and sleek

Quality: Tough build quality using tried & tested materials/components

Value: The sound quality makes them worth every penny

Sound: 4.8/5
Design: 4.6/5
Quality: 4.6/5
Value: 4.6/5
Overall: 4.7/5
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E50S SoundMAGIC 49.95 4.7

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