Betron B750s Review

Model: 750s
Brand: Betron
RRP: £16.99
Review Score: 3.6/5
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The Betron B750s earphones look great and come in at a very attractive price point. See what we think and how they sound in our Betron B750s review.

Betron seem to have taken it upon themselves to take on the lower end of the earphones market. The very affordable 750s sit at the upper end of their range of earphones. It is also worth noting that there is a version available that also has a microphone and control button.

What’s in the box?

As you’d expect given the low price tag, the packaging is very simple and functional. The simple plastic packaging doesn’t include an bells or whistles, nor does it give any great level of excitement or expectation.

Once inside, you’ll find the earphones, 3 sets of silicone ear adaptors, a cable clip and a very welcome cloth storage pouch.

The sleek looking earphones appear to be very well made and well finished. The earpieces feel both lightweight and tough. The earpiece has a bass vent/port on the outer side which greatly influences the sound (more on this later).  The B750s earphones look like they should cost a lot more than they actually do.

The flat silicone cable will help prevent unwanted tangles and kinks – the cable feels nice and light and has a minimal microphonic effect. The cable isn’t as quite as high quality as you would find on earphones higher up the price ladder, but that is to be expected. The jack and cable split re-enforcement are both very nicely made, rugged and look to be long lasting.

In use the earphones feel very light with a minimal cable pull. The fit is pretty good – not quite as good as some we’ve tried, but again for the price that should be expected. The sound isolation is very good, cutting out a lot of background noise – fit is critical for this, make sure you try the different adaptors to get the best possible fit.

One point worth noting is that they do feel smaller than many earphones. The length of the section of the earphones that fits inside your ear appears to be a little shorter than we’re used to. This makes them suitable for people with smaller ears – anyone with medium to large size ears will still be able to use them perfectly ok, but may find that they feel a little different to other earphones.

Betron B750s EarphonesBass Heads Unite

Given the price point of the Betron B750s, you would be forgiven for expecting them to sound thin with little definition – however, this is not the case! It is very fair to say that we were incredibly surprised by the sound quality.

Its not what you’d call a natural sound, but it is really is very nice indeed. The bottom end is huge and enhanced – this comes from the vent/port on the earphones. If you cover the vents with finger tips, most of the bass disappears! For us, the bass is a little overkill, but not by much & a little EQ will happily reign it back in under control. The mid range manages to sound quite natural with a little emphasis at the upper end. Treble is accentuated in a hi-fi manner, but not overly so – it still manages to provide plenty of air and excitement. Overall the level of detail is very good and is comparable to earphones that cost a lot more.

Overall, for the money, the sound is amazing – you will have to pay well over double the price to find anything that sounds significantly better!

Betron B750s Review Conclusion

The Betron B750s in ear headphones are without doubt incredible value for money. They are well made, well designed & sound absolutely amazing for the price. It is very hard for us to come up with any major negatives because of the low price – yes the cable could be a little nicer and the fit could be a little bit better, but this would push the price up further. If you want a very affordable set of earphones that frankly sound as good as most people need, the Betron B750s earphones are for you.


  • Amazing value for money
  • Great sound
  • Storage pouch


  • Fit not quite as good as it could be
  • Cable could be higher quality

Review Summary:

Sound - Great sound, big enhanced bass with plenty of detail

Design - Sleek looking with a clean design

Quality - Very well made, some materials could be improved slightly

Value - unbelievable, very, very hard to beat at this price

Sound: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Quality: 3.2/5
Value: 4/5
Overall: 3.6/5
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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
750s Betron 16.99 3.6

One response to “Betron B750s Review”

  1. Neil Shepherd says:

    I purchased a pair of these from Amazon and am amazed at the sound quality of these , i have worked the last forty years as a sound technician for some of the most famous rock bands on this planet and to try these out and listen to my tunes these just blew me away the sound is full bodied but not too much bass that they overpower the treble and the midrange i download HI RESS Flac files with excellent quality and these do the job perfect, for the price they are amazing and super sounding.

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