Betron GLD60 Review

Model: GLD60
Brand: Betron
RRP: £9.99
Review Score: 3.2/5
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The GLD60 marks yet another budget earphone model from Betron. Given some of their previous successes, we look at these with some interest. Find out how they fare in our Betron GLD60 review.

Its fair to say that while Betron keep coming out with cheap set after cheap set of earphones – not all of them manage to hit the mark. The Betron GL-D60 is one of a few models that they have launched where the packaging has been pimped to make them look more expensive…

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Betron have made a reasonable attempt to make the GLD60 look like a premium set of earphones. At first glance, you would indeed be forgiven for thinking that you had a set of premium earphones in front of you. The box punches well above its price tag – it looks very nice indeed.

Inside you are greeted by a decent range of accessories:

  • 3 x grey silicone eartips (small, medium, large)
  • 3 x black silicone eartips (small, medium, large)
  • 1 x foam eartips (more on these below)
  • cable clip
  • storage pouch

Betron GL-D60 EarphonesOf the included eartips, we found the grey silicone type to be the best for comfort and sound. The black type increase the bass and over emphasize it massively making the sound very unbalanced. The foam eartips are pretty much useless – they are missing a key part (inner plastic tube) which means that they don’t stay on the earphones…and will probably remain in your ear. In short, don’t use them.

As you’d expect for a set of earphones that cost less than £10, the design is pretty basic. The earpieces are metal, and are quite well made, but not that refined. The strain relief for the cable is pretty much non-existent – which also means that more noise is transferred from the cable to the earpieces. The cable is the woven type – which is light and strong, but can be prone to tangles. The cable split and jack plug are both very simple straight metal components that perform the task they are meant to do.

Overall the contents is pretty good – but those foam tips should have been left out.

Thin & Strangled

Using the grey eartips, the sound is more balanced across the full frequency range – however…

The bass is warm and has a reasonable depth – but sounds quite forced and unnatural. The lower mid range is heavily scooped leaving the upper mid range thin and strangled. The treble fairly open – but given the issues with the mid range, it sounds overly pronounced.

As mentioned above, the black eartips really boost the bass – to levels that are really way over the top. It seems that the budget was put into the packaging and accessories rather than providing a decent sound…shame.

Betron GLD60 Review Conclusion

While Betron have had several successes in the past with budget earphones, unfortunately, the GLD60 isn’t another. The baffling inclusion of foam eartips that can’t be used is a mystery & the sound, even at this price, really isn’t pleasurable. In short, while the Betron GLD60 come in at a very attractive price – you’d be better off spending a few extra pounds on earphones that sound a whole lot better…have a look at our best earphones under £20 for our top picks.


  • Cheap


  • Scooped sound with thin mid range

Review Summary:

Sound: Big bass, heavily scooped mid range that sound thin as a result - overall imbalanced

Design - A little uninspired & clunky

Quality - Tough, strong materials

Value - Cheap, but the sound quality is lacking

Sound: 2.8/5
Design: 3.2/5
Quality: 3.2/5
Value: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.2/5
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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
GLD60 Betron 9.99 3.2

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