SoundMAGIC PL11 Review

Model: PL11
Brand: SoundMAGIC
RRP: £19.99
Review Score: 3.5/5
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Here we have a simply styled set of earphones that cost less than £20. Aimed at the more budget conscious end of the market, they have a lot to offer and will appeal to a great many people. Find out what we think of them in our full SoundMAGIC PL11 review.

The PL11 earphones are the lower priced relative of the better known, award winning SoundMAGIC E10 (read our review). SoundMAGIC have become known as a brand that can produce high performance at a low price point making them a much more affordable offering than many other manufacturers.

Basic Design & Solid Construction

SoundMAGIC PL11 Review

If you are looking to buy a set of earphones for less than £20, then you want a basic set that look decent, are toughly built and sound pretty damn good. If this applies to you – then the PL11 earphones could be just what you’re looking for!

Simplicity is the key as far as the PL11 earphones are concerned. With a choice of colours,  the earpieces have a metal housing giving them a good, solid feel with a nice clean look. The jack plug is of the simple molded plastic type, and the cable is your basic soft feel type.

As you’d expect, you get a 3 different sets of adaptors so you can expect a good fit. As i’m sure you’re aware, the fit is important for any noise isolating earphones. Getting a good, comfortable seal helps get the best possible sound from the earphones as well as helping to prevent external noises from getting in.

Also included is a handy storage pouch to keep the PL11 earphones in when not in use. An nice bonus is a small cable clip which can be used to attach the cable to your clothing. This can help make the earphones stay in your ears more securely, reduce the microphonic effect of the cable as well as simply keeping the cable out of your way.

How Do They Sound?

Given the basic appearance and low price point, the SoundMAGIC PL11 in ear headphones sound very good indeed. The first concern of many listeners is the amount of bass – there’s plenty of it and although its large, its natural sounding. The treble is nice and crisp with plenty of air and the mid range has plenty of room for vocals or guitars to shine through. SoundMAGIC tend to deliver a more Hi-Fi style sound rather than a flatter studio style frequency response – this is also the case with the PL11 earphones. The stereo image is nice and wide and you can hear plenty of background detail buried deep within most music tracks. While the clarity isn’t quite as good as some other earphones that cost a little more (eg E10 or EX811) – you will struggle to find any others at this price that sound as good.

SoundMAGIC PL11 Review Conclusion

Over all the we think these are a very good package. If all you want is a basic set of earphones with a simple design that can deliver a good sound all for less than £20 – then these are the earphones for you. Overall, we think that the SoundMAGIC PL11 earphones are well built and sound very good indeed considering their low price.


  • Tough metal earpiece housing
  • Great sound
  • Low price


  • Molded jack plug
  • Sound could have more punch
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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
PL11 SoundMAGIC 19.99 3.5

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