Gadgeo GX20 Review

Model: GX20
Brand: Gadgeo
RRP: £19.95
Review Score: 3.7/5
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Gadgeo have set their sights on creating a great looking set of smartphone friendly earphones with a very affordable price tag. Find out what we think in our Gadgeo GX20 review.

Gadgeo have previously made smartphone accessories including cases, covers and portable USB power/charging units. The GX20 represents their first journey into the world of earphones. Targeting the competitive  smartphone market and pricing them very competitively – they are aiming big and are looking to impress.

Simple, Attractive No Fuss Design

Gadgeo have a simple, no fuss approach when it comes to packaging. Inside the cleanly styled cardboard box, you are greeted with a fold out inner sleeve, neatly sealed with a Gadgeo sticker. This presentation gives a high quality – luxurious feel that we’ve not seen before at this price point. Included in the box, you’ll find the GX20 earphones, 3 sets of silicone ear adaptors, a linen storage bag and a well written set of instructions.

Gadgeo GX 20 cable & designThe earpieces look to be made from aluminium which gives them a good solid foundation to produce sound from. The finish is very good – with small machined details setting them off nicely. We love the way that the striped woven cable works visually with the grey earpieces giving them an attractive and unique styling. The re-enforced cable splitter and 3.5mm jack plug are finished in the same colour as the earpieces and have the same great finish. On the cable that feeds the left earpiece, you’ll also find a microphone/button control unit finished off with the Gadgeo logo.

Overall the quality feels very high – you can clearly see the attention to detail that has been applied to every single part of the GX20 earphones and their packaging. We think that the resulting look and style of the GX20 is up their with the best in class & manage to successfully combine sleekness, clean style with a gentle application of funkiness.

In use, they are very comfortable & feel very light in the ear. There is minimal sound transfer from the cable – which also seems to keep itself free of tangles. The sound isolation isn’t quite as good as some other earphones we’ve tried – but we don’t feel that’s a concern or issue.

Once Tamed: Big & Bold

Before we go any further, lets make it clear – these need EQ to sound their absolute best. Without EQ, there is a nasal honk in the lower mid range and a lot of bass. However, this is actually a blessing in disguise.
Many lower priced earphones, including some a little higher up the price ladder, lack mid range frequencies resulting in a sound where the bass and treble seem separated.
If the low mid honk is tamed with EQ – you are left with a much fuller mid range than you’ll find elsewhere. This gives much more punch and attack than is normally found on earphones in this price bracket.

You can read our notes on our EQ settings in the listening notes box below. Our comments regarding the sound from this point onwards are with EQ applied.

The bass is plentiful and deep. While it isn’t full of trouser flapping sub, it has a great depth and warmth that works very well with dance music. The mid range as mentioned above, has a great attacking punch – this for us is the stand out point that separates the Gadgeo GX20 earphones from its rivals. The upper mid range and treble brings excitement and definition in a controlled manner. The overall sound is big and immersive. While the level and depth of detail may not be quite as high as earphones in the £30 price range, the overall scale of it makes up for this.

Gadgeo GX20 review Conclusion

Overall we think that the Gadgeo GX20 earphones look fantastic and are incredibly comfortable to use. They do need EQ, but once dialled in sound big, bold and immersive. The added bonus is the microphone – this isn’t a regular feature at this price point and really adds value to an already attractive package. These make a great choice for anyone wanting a set of earphones with a microphone for less than £20.


  • Attractive design and nice linen storage pouch
  • Lightweight
  • Big sound (with EQ)


  • Need EQ to balance sound

Review Summary:

Sound - Need EQ to balance it out, once dialled in, the sound is big, very good for the money

Design - Very nicely styled components that work together very nicely

Quality - Well made, tough construction

Value - Some of the best looking earphones in the sub £20 bracket

Sound: 3.5/5
Design: 3.8/5
Quality: 3.6/5
Value: 3.8/5
Overall: 3.7/5
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Listening Notes:

In order to balance out the sound of the Gadgeo GX20 earphones - a little EQ sculpting is required. Our tests were all done using a Sony Xperia Z with Google Play Music - other devices may differ and sound a little different.

The main area that needs addressing is the bass and lower mid range - once this is under control, its just a case of lifting the treble to bring some excitement and life back in. Once this EQ is in place, the sound is big and much more balanced overall.

  • Gadego GX20 EQ settingsBass: -2
  • 400: -4
  • 1kHz: 0
  • 2.5kHz: +2
  • 6kHz: +4
  • 10kHz: +3


Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
GX20 Gadgeo 19.95 3.7

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