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Model: Delta
Brand: Trinity
RRP: £90.00
Review Score: 4.9/5
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Crisp, detailed sound coupled with bass that's deep, rich & warm. Timeless retro looks that come with the sound you've always dreamed of!

The Delta from Trinity Audio is aimed squarely at the high end audio market but with a price tag that remains affordable. We’ve been looking forward to these – find out how they perform in our Trinity Delta review.

Trinity launched their earphones through a very successful Kickstarter campaign. The Delta is their flagship model which sits at the top of their range.  The expectations are high and at first glance, the lay of the land looks very good – but can they deliver?

Clean, Understated, Retro Styling

Trinity have done a great job with their packaging – it is very high quality and well made, but also very understated. The front of the box folds out giving you access to a covered inner compartment that holds the Delta earphones and accessories.

There is no escaping the fact that you get a lot of accessories included – and for once, they all feel like they should be there.

One of the main marketing/selling points of the Delta, is the removable tuning filters. These are coloured to help you identify what they are:

  • Silver: Fun – enhanced bass & Hi-Fi style sound
  • Gunmetal: smooth – natural and more balanced sound
  • Purple: treble – less bass, focus on treble and mid range
  • Gold – a balance between Gunmetal and Purple (newer non mic models only)

You also get a nicely machined aluminium container that will hold 2 sets of tuning filters. The Gold filters have been added more recently – as a result they weren’t intended to be stored, so unfortunately you will have to find another way to keep the 3rd spare set safe. These filters can be changed very easily – simply remove the eartips, unscrew the current filters, gently screw the new ones on & replace the eartips.

Trinity Delta reviewAlso included is a very nice array of high quality eartips:

  • 4x grey silicone eartips (1x small, 2x medium, 1x large)
  • 1x white double flange silicone eartips
  • 2x memory foam eartips (small, large)

This choice guarantees you a great, comfortable fit as well as options for casual listening/commuting or for more serious listening sessions. They do all sound a little different – which means that you will find yourself testing many different combinations of tuning filters and eartips! Generally though, the grey silicone and memory foam tips are very similar (the foam ones give you more bass due to the tighter fit). The white double flange tips are significantly longer which changes the sound more. They don’t sound quite as open or natural – but they do have a bit more bass than the grey tips.

As if that little lot wasn’t enough – you also get a machined aluminium right angled jack adaptor (the actual jack plug is straight), a cable clip and a storage case.

The Trinity Delta earphones themselves have a very understated, classic look to them. The earpieces are made from metal and very solid (you can feel the weight in your hand). The finish is very high quality with no imperfections to be seen anywhere. The re-enforced cable exit is very minimal, but seems to do the job well. The re-enforcement could have been a little longer to offer a bit more protection and also make them easier to insert into your ear…but this is a minor niggle.

The version being tested comes with a retro style twisted cable that audiophiles will love (as opposed to the mic & woven cable version). This cable feels light and is very flexible – it does have a bit of a habit of tangling a little in storage, but not enough to be a problem.

Further down, the cable split and jack plug are both made from machined aluminium (see photo in the slideshow below). The cable exit from the cable split, is again minimal in appearance – but seems to do the job. The gold 3.5mm jackplug has a timeless, retro style spring strain relief that sets off the styling very nicely.

Overall, the quality of the Trinity Delta IEMs is very high – particularly the standard of the machined metal parts. The looks have obviously been tailored to appeal to a certain market: that is to say, people that are serious about their audio….

Natural, Open, Detailed Sound

It is fair to say that the expectations as far as sound quality goes, are very high! Given the vast array of choices available, a little clarification of our final combination is required.

We preferred the Silver (fun – bass) & Gunmetal (smooth) filters. After trying all the eartips with these, we found our preference was the Silver filters with either the grey silicone or memory foam eartips. While the gunmetal filters do sound really nice – they don’t quite have the same depth of bass. The purple filters have very little bass, and the gold ones again sound very nice & natural – but just lack that extra depth of bass. Non bass heads may prefer the gunmetal or gold filters!
Final choice for our Trinity Delta review: silver filters & grey silicone eartips.

The bass is big, deep and smooth – plenty enough to keep any bass head happy. Where they really shine is the mid range – very crisp and precise with lots of detail. The treble is open and spacious without being emphasized. The balance between the mid range and bass is quite special. Normally when you have great bass – you loose a lot of the crispness of the mid range, not here. Although the silver filters do provide a more Hi-Fi style sound, the scooping still manages to sound quite subtle. The stereo image is wide and clear – details can be heard precisely across the image.

This cleanness of detail and level of precision sounds engineered, planned and designed – these have been developed by someone that knows what they are doing – someone that cares. Trinity Delta earphones are designed in the UK – they sound classic, they sound British, they sound fantastic.

Trinity Delta Review Conclusion

Trinity have emerged victorious from their highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The earphones are manufactured to an incredibly high standard & this precision is evident in the final sound quality. The only minor comments relate to the short cable re-enforcement on the earpieces which could benefit from being a little longer and the minor cable tangles in storage. Otherwise the Trinity Delta are faultless: great sound, great accessories, great looks.
These are serious earphones that any self respecting audio lover will adore.


  • Awesome detailed sound
  • Retro looks


  • Cable can tangle in storage

Review Summary:

Sound: Fantastic detail, crisp mid range & deep, warm bass

Design: Gorgeous looks, cable re-enforcement could be longer

Quality: Very high quality machined metal parts

Value: Worth every penny

Sound: 5/5
Design: 4.8/5
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4.9/5
Overall: 4.9/5
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Delta Trinity 90.00 4.9

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