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Model: Powerbeats
Brand: Beats
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Review Score: 4.0/5
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Beats by Dre have built up a solid reputation for quality, styling & overall sound performance. Read our full Beats Powerbeats review to find out more about these great sports earphones.

Over the last few years, Beats have been popping up all over the place making waves in the audio world. They have quietly been innovating and developing  audio products left, right and center gaining a huge following in the process.

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Developed for Sports Use

Powerbeats are the latest sports earphones from Beats designed specifically for use while exercising in the gym, while running or playing other active sports. They set out to build a tough set of durable earphones that would last, unlike many other cheaper sets.

The fit has been designed to be as secure and comfortable as possible. The UV protected ear hooks are soft, flexible and provide excellent comfort even during the most intense workout. The included 3 sets of ear tips/adaptors helps further improve the comfort and custom fit.


Clear Sound

The Powerbeats are unique to the Beats range of earphones in that they are the only pair of earphones to have 2 speakers in each earphone. Just like a pair of hi-fi speakers, each earphone essentially has a tweeter and a woofer giving much greater audio definition than would otherwise be possible using just a single speaker.

The end result is that you hear much clearer, more detailed high end while still retaining a deep, low bottom end. This additional audio clarity applies to all listening volumes, so you can hear detail in your music even at lower listening levels. The overall quality of  the audio is exceptional for a set of sports earphones.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats Lifestyle

The Beats Powerbeats earphones are also designed to let in some background noise – this is for safety reasons. If you use earphones for running you need to be aware of your surroundings, and more importantly traffic. They let in just enough surrounding noise so you know what’s going on, but not enough to get in the way of your music experience.

Remote Control

Positioned just below where the cable splits to the earphones, is a conveniently placed remote control with microphone (mic). This gives you the usual controls over your music including: play, pause, next track, previous track and volume etc. If plugged into a smartphone (eg, iPhone or Android) you will also have access to call controls which allow you to answer or end calls. There is also an extra voice command function which, if your device supports it, will give you voice control over your smartphone.


We think that the Beats Powerbeats earphones are top notch sports earphones. The quality from top to bottom is exceptional. Every aspect has been carefully considered for both form and function. When you combine this with the outstanding audio quality, the end result is a pair of some of the best sports earphones around today. We find it very hard to find a fault with these – if you’re serious about your exercise and serious about your music, these are the earphones for you.

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Powerbeats Beats 119.95 4.0

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