AKG K 376 Review

Model: K 376
Brand: AKG
RRP: £89.99
Review Score: 3.9/5
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Best Earphones Guide Star Buy - 3.9/5

Beautifully sleek design combined with detailed, studio quality sound makes the AKG K 376 earphones a stunning package

The AKG k 376 earphones have clean, sleek looks that set them far apart from the crowd. Find out how they fair in our full AKG K 376 review.

AKG may not be a household name alongside the likes of Sony or Philips, this is because they are better known for producing high quality studio equipment, most notably headphones and microphones. With over 60 years experience of producing some of the best studio equipment around, they have combined their experience into making the K 376 earphones for use with modern smartphones.

AKG K376 Review

AKG k 376 – Clean Styling

The first thing you notice about the AKG K 376 earphones is the simple, Apple like design. Don’t be fooled by these great looking, clean lines – there is more going on here than meets the eye. The earpieces are made from beautifully machined metal housings that enclose 9mm audio drivers that seal them away from external noises. The included ear sleeves (3 sets: s, m, l) are softer than the usual style adaptors that you get with many other earphones, making them really comfortable. Also in the box is a quality, AKG branded case to keep the earphones safe and out of harms way when you’re not using them. This is very much part of the complete package, and isn’t just thrown in as an afterthought as with so many other earphones on the market.

Smartphone Compatibility

Further down the cable, there is a clean looking, simple inline control unit. This gives you a microphone and a single button. This allows you to ply or pause music playback and to accept or cancel incoming calls while on the go. As with most single button controls, you can double tap to skip forward a track or triple tap to skip back. This keeps the design simple and we think that this works in favor of the AKG K 376 earphones.

AKG K 376 Side View

Award Winning Studio Sound Quality

AKG are known for there award winning studio sound quality and have worked to fit their big studio sound into these tiny in ear headphones. The AKG K 376 earphones deliver a crisp clarity that leave many other earphones far behind. The bass is sufficiently heavy, retaining plenty of detail without overpowering the mids or top end. In use, they do a very good job of isolating external noises and also prevent your music from leaking out – making them ideal for commuting or office use. The lack of harshness in the mid range, combined with the soft ear sleeves means that ear fatigue really isn’t an issue. They are so comfortable that they can be worn for long extended periods of use without any problems at all.


The combination of a beautiful, understated, sleek design coupled with great sound in a small lightweight package makes the AKG K 376 earphones a fantastic choice for the commuter or office worker. The addition of music controls (next/previous) may have been a nice extra, but possibly would have detracted from the overall simplicity which is what makes them appealing in the first place. These are all about quality on every level and we’re finding it very hard to find any faults at all. In short, we think that the AKG K376 earphones are possibly the perfect companion for the everyday commute – we love them.

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Model Manufacturer RRP (£) Available Colours Rating
K 376 AKG 89.99 3.9

2 responses to “AKG K 376 Review”

  1. Dear all
    Thank you for the review, however some comments are not exact.
    With the remote, by clicking twice, the track played advanced once. Clicking three times, go back once as well, and no detracting any single piece of “overall simplicity”.


    • Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes you can use multiple button clicks to control tracks, we weren’t aware of that when this review was written.
      The review has been amended.


      Best Earphones Guide

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