Trinity Audio Techne Earphones on Kickstarter

Trinity Audio – Audiophile Grade Earphones on Kickstarter

Its not often that you get to be part of history and help the birth of a new earphones brand. Trinity Audio are now giving you that chance with their exciting Kickstarter campaign. Click through to find out more about this fantastic opportunity.

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yurbuds logo

Yurbuds Taken Over By Harman

Harman, possibly best known for their brand Harman Kardon have just bought and taken over yurbuds sports earphones. This could be a very interesting partnership that will be worth watching over the next couple of years.

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Apple Buys Beats Audio

Why are Apple buying Beats?

Apple have a long standing reputation for producing sleek products that are both uniquely stylish and ground breaking. So why are they interested in buying a brand that is known for making overly stated headphones?

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